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Vehicle Insurance

With our Vehicle Insurance you will enjoy round the clock cover with 24-hour roadside assistance anywhere across East Africa.

Key Product Features

  • Comprehensive insurance including cover for windscreen and in-car entertainment system
  • Cover extended to the East African Region
  • Free valuation available and the value agreed is what will be paid in the event of theft or write-off
  • Easy and flexible premium payment plans

24-hour road rescue service including:

  • 24-hour accident and vehicle breakdown
  • Emergency assistance
  • Advice on what to do in the event of an accident
  • Assistance with the police following an accident
  • Expert towing of the vehicle to a safe location or garage
  • Delivery of fuel if you run out
  • Jump-start for dead battery
  • Flat tyre change when on the road or at home
  • Minor mechanical repairs
  • Road ambulance rescue

Optional benefits available at low additional premium are:

  • Political riots risk and terrorism attacks
  • Excess protection, so that you won't need to pay excess fee in the event of a claim
  • Forced ATM withdrawals protection
  • Loss of use (courtesy car to use if your vehicle is not available for use because of an accident) - private motor
  • Road rescue when you have a breakdown
  • Personal effects cover for personal items in your vehicle - Private motor
  • Fatal personal accident cover to named driver
  • Car hire

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