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Rest Easy (Funeral Cover)

We Kenyans love to “live well” –we strive to get the best cars, mobile phones, houses, clothes and education. However, few plan for the inevitable -“leaving well”. We put a high value to giving the ones we love a memorable send-off. This is expensive with an average funeral costing Kshs 60,000 and may reach almost Kshs 750,000.

BimaExchange/Aon are providing Kenyans with an opportunity to plan for what we cannot avoid and has launched a revolutionary funeral cover. “Rest Easy” is a comprehensive funeral insurance package which helps us plan for what we cannot avoid and will provide you with peace of mind and security knowing that should the inevitable occur, an immediate cash payout would be made to help manage the funeral expenses.

Unique Product Features

Nuclear Family based (Self + 5 members of nuclear family)
  • Self + Spouse + up to 4 children
  • Self + up to 5 children –for single parents
  • Extra dependents at an additional premium
  • Parents & Parents-in-law can be covered as long as an additional premium is paid per set of parents.
  • The policy will pay the selected sum assured upon FIRST death (within 12 months of commencement or renewal of policy).
  • Once the original or certified copy of the death certificate is received, the remaining half of the sum assured will be paid.
  • The policy will lapse after making a claim but you can renew the cover immediately for the remaining members of the family.
Age Limits
  • Self & Spouse - Upper age limit 75 years (joining age)
  • Children-up to the age of 18 years or 24 years if still under the care of parents
Commencement of Cover:
  • Accidental Death: Cover starts immediately, subject to full payment of premiums
  • Natural Death: Waiting period of 90 days (3 months) subject to full payment of premiums. On renewal, no waiting period applies.
Three Options:

There are three sum assured options to choose from: Kshs 100,000, Kshs 200,000 and Kshs 500,000

Sum Assured Premium per family/year Extra dependent cover
Kshs 100,000 Kshs 1,200 Kshs 200
Kshs 200,000 Kshs 2,400 Kshs 400
Kshs 500,000 Kshs 6,000 Kshs 1,000

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