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Educator Package

The Educator Cover is a unique education policy that provides a solution to the desire of parents to see their children excelling in school, going to a good university and obtaining a good degree, getting a good job and living a successful life which is only achieved through good quality education.

Scope of Cover:

Premium Protector
  • In the event of disability or death, the education fund premium is maintained to the end of the policy term.
Accidental Death Benefit
  • This is a compulsory benefit that pays out an amount in the event of death of parent/guardian from an accident.
Life Cover for the Parent
  • In the event of the untimely demise of parent, it will cater for the child's immediate financial requirements.
Child's Accidental Death Benefit
  • It covers the child in case of accidental death.
Inflation Protector
  • As the years go by the cost of living is rising, the inflation protector feature is included to ensure that the insured can still get a meaningful benefit.
Capital Injections
  • The Educator Package allows the insured to make additional capital injections when they wish, for instance, those periods when there is excess cash life after bonuses.
Cash Surrender Values
  • This is a sum of money paid to the policyholder, in the event that the policy is voluntarily terminated before it matures.
  • There are fewer penalties at premature exit, you can get value from the 2nd year and by year 4 you can even get up to 75% of the fund value.
Minimum Guaranteed Returns
  • The policy grows the insured savings at a minimum guaranteed rate of 2% to ensure your children's education will be well protected.
Advantages of Educator Insurance
  • The Educator Insurance is a product aimed at securing the savings of policyholders seeking to save for their children's education needs
  • Offers peace of mind since parents can rest easy and work towards establishing their child's future without having to worry about the escalating cost of education
  • The monthly contribution for your child's education can begin from as little as Kshs 2,500
  • It is the avenue to saving school fees without eroding the capital amount, since it not only provides the minimum guarantee, but also gives you an avenue to make returns.

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